iPhone 15 Series Leaks: Stacked CIS Camera Upgrade for Standard Models, Pro Models May Miss Out

Stacked-Designed CIS Image Sensor to Appear in Standard iPhone 15 Series Leaks

The iPhone 15 Series Leaks that scheduled the delivery in the second half of 2023, would include a stacked-design CIS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) image sensor, claims well-known Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo.

Stacked CIS Technology to Be Embedded in 2024 iPhone 16 Pro Models

Additionally, according to Kuo’s observations, the iPhone 16 Pro models, which are expected to launch in the second half of 2024, will employ the same stacked CIS technology, perhaps taxing Sony’s high-end CIS capacity and boosting Will Semi’s orders from Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

A Brief Description of Stacked CIS and How It Affects the Performance of Smartphone Cameras

Here is a brief explanation of the idea of stacked CIS and how it might improve smartphone camera performance. In order to enhance the circuitry of the camera system, stacked CIS, a new technological innovation, adds additional layers above the photodiode layer. The entire amount of the enhancements won’t be apparent until the devices are made available, but these extra layers lead to greater noise reduction, brighter image rendering, heightened detail acquisition, and overall superior image processing.

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The iPhone 15 Series Leaks May Get a 48MP Sony IMX803 Image Sensor Upgrade

According to reports, the 48MP Sony IMX803 image sensor, which would replace the present 12MP camera and significantly improve the performance of the forthcoming handsets, may be included in the base variants of the iPhone 15.

Disclaimer: Based on Rumors and iPhone 15 Series Leaks

Remember that Apple has not officially confirmed any of the details mentioned here; instead, the information is based on leaks and hearsay.

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